ARCA launches Kickstarter campaign

ARCA (Association for Research into Crimes against Art) was founded in 2008 and was the world’s first research group on art crime, helping to promote and establish the interdisciplinary study of this fascinating type of crime. Since 2009 it has run a summer-long Postgraduate Program in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection, hosted a major annual conference in the study of art crime, released books and the twice-yearly Journal of Art Crime, collaborated on projects and conferences with the V&A, The Courtauld Institute, University of Cambridge, the Carabinieri, UNESCO and more.
“This Kickstarter project seeks to raise funds to provide scholarships to students and professionals from ICOM Red List countries, nations where cultural heritage is at particularly high risk of being stolen, looted and destroyed. These scholars will be trained as part of the ARCA Postgraduate Program in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection. Past scholars have come from Yemen, Iraq, Syria and beyond, and have brought the skills learned on our program back home with them, to protect their culture and the world’s.”

Dr Noah Charney, Founding Director ARCA

Full details at this Kickstarter link